The Circus of Elsinore

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The Circus of Elsinore

28 May to 1 June in the Studio.
Presented by Pyjama Productions with STF.

Stripped of her rightful position as Ringleader after her mother’s untimely death, young Hamlet needs to plot her way back up the ladder of the Circus of Elsinore. But when Claudius, the new Ringleader, keeps getting in the way she’s left asking herself: What’s a girl to do when her uncle is now her step-dad, her old friends have been hired to spy on her, and the circus she’s grown up in is falling apart?

All this while navigating grief for her late mother, and complicated feelings for the young girl playing the mermaid act - Ophelia. It seems that murder might be the only way out of this mess.

Adapted by Erin Miller, Melody Leckie, and Daniel Hutchings, based on Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.
Directed by Melody Leckie and Daniel Hutchings.
Choreography by Jessie Polites.
Original music - ‘Ophelia’s Lullaby’ by Melody Leckie and Ezra Morgan, recorded by Andrew Hey.
Erin Miller / Zach Di Paola / Courtney Rae / Alyssa Trombino / Lachie Pitt-Lancaster / Yousif Wardy / Belinda Graham / Troy Luke / Claire Tipping / Jessie Polites