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Activate Season 2019

23 August to 7 September

The La Trobe Student Theatre & Film Activate season is a series of plays and events that push the boundaries of what theatre and art is. 2019 is no different with a stellar line-up of four full length productions and a reading of an original student work.

The 2019 Activate season includes:


RUBY MOON written by Matt Cameron and directed by Erin Miller & Melody Leckie

Ruby is missing. Her parents, Ray and Sylvie, spend their nights frantically trying to retrace her steps. As parts of Ruby’s doll arrive piece by piece in brown paper packages, it is up to you to discover exactly what happened to Ruby. 
Featuring Carl Pontisso & Evangeline Oster 


ATTEMPTS ON HER LIFE written by Martin Crimp and directed by Bob Pavlich with original songs by Sarah Wall

Annie is a right-wing terrorist, a victim of a violent crime, and a pornographic star. Ann is a bicycling gardener donned in a woolly hat. Anny is a sleek new car. Attempts on Her Life attempts to capture the essence of a person, the essence of Anne.
Featuring Alan Lam, Cody Dunne, Jacinta Sciusco, Lewis Freeman, Mihailo Knezic, Morgan-Belle Holmes-Bradshaw, Rae Tuck, Raine Goodman & Sarthak Munjal with Antonia Gazzana as Stage Manager.


TIME TO GO written and directed by Walt Dyson with assistance by Lucy Rees

Time to Go is a new play about growing up and regressing back, about our fears and the effect they have on those closest to us, about love and hate and everything in-between. Most of all, it’s about what to do when it’s time to go.
Featuring Abe Kortekaas, Erica Vandenberg, Jess Reuben & Silje Melsom.


BURN, BUT DON’T CRY written by Claudia Nugent & Nathan Milne and directed by Davina Wright, partially devised by the cast.

Burn, but don’t cry is a radical re-imagination of who Petrarch could have been, and who they fell in love with. It is an ode to poetry, romance, and the idea of love. But it is also a play about waiting at a bus stop. About eating breakfast alone.
Featuring Claudia Nugent, Cole McKenna, Eren Sevki Dundar, Georgina McLaren, Isabelle Piccolo-Cody, Jessie Polites, Joseph Borellini, Nathan Milne, Tayla Court & Tong Guan

Burn, but don't cry is on from 2 to 7 September in the Studio. Bookings can be made here.

A play reading of A MOST UNEXPECTED CHORUS, written by Scott Leopold
As the Peloponnesian war grinds on, the once bustling city of Athens is sedated by fears of warfare and retribution. Prominent and self proclaimed leaders seek to assure the citizenry, to continue the conflict. Stuck in the midst of this struggle is Dio, the suffering veteran of battle and former philosopher. When an Ecclesia is called announcing the death of Eupolis, the beloved Athenian poet and playwright. Opportunism strikes every word of rhetoric. But what will become of the prized chorus spot in the upcoming Dionysian festival? And how far will the opportunists go to ensure the performance speaks on behalf of them?

A Most Unexpected Chorus is on the 6 September at 12pm in the Playroom. It is a FREE event.

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