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24 Hour Play Project 2019

Thursday 11 - Friday 12 April.

A collection of short plays created in just 24 hours. Five groups of students came together to write, rehearse, and perform a short work based on a setting, a prop, and a line provided to them. 

The groups were: 
Happy Dad Day! - Lewis Freeman (writer + actor), Rachael Taylor (director + actor), Erica Vandenberg (actor), Morgan-Belle Bradshaw (actor), Jack Hewitt (actor), and Krish Patel (actor).
Skittish - Scott Leopold (writer + actor), Sarthak Munjal (director + actor), Dexter Matson (actor), Joshua Bevacqua (actor), Jessica Kearns (actor), and Kirtan Singh (actor).
Life's a Beach - Jacinta Sciusco (writer + actor), Nihit Naphray (director + actor), Isabelle Piccolo-Cody (actor) and Cody Dunne (actor).
The Ladle Incident - Geremy Dimla (writer + actor), Georgina McLaren (director + actor), Thisara Hewamanne (actor), and Indianna Marteene Chen (actor).
Sea No Evil: A Crusie Ship Murder Mystery - Erin Thostenson (writer + actor), Vicky MacRae (director + actor), Elektra Orfanos (actor), Anastasia Kouloukas (actor), and Alan Lam (actor).

You can see photos of the entire process on our Facebook Page.