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Scholarships for Students

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We are committed to assisting students in the successful completion of their studies and our scholarships program aims to support students to cope with the costs associated with studying.

  • Applications received for Silver/Bronze or Subsidy scholarships will automatically be considered for each of level of scholarship, except for the Gold scholarship which requires a separate application form. Gold Scholarships applications will not automatically be considered for the Silver/Bronze and Subsidy scholarships - if you wish to apply for all Gold and Silver/Bronze scholarships, you must complete BOTH separate application forms.  
  • 2019 Scholarships will be open for nominations from 13 August - 19 September 2018. No late applications will be received. 
  • Winners will be invited to the LTSU Gala Awards Night on Thursday 11 October 2018.
  • Please ensure you meet all eligibility requirements prior to applying.

If you have any issues with submitting an application, please contact us

Want to nominate yourself or your club/society or your favourite teacher to win a 2018 LTSU Award? Check out all of the info on the awards page.


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