Academic Integrity

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What is Academic Integrity?

Academic integrity is about being honest in your academic work. Academic misconduct allegations can mean that the university suspects you of deliberately cheating by copying someone else’s work or working with someone else on an assignment that is meant to be an individual task. It can also include improperly referencing your work. Academic misconduct allegations are serious - did you know that if you plan to join a professional body as a lawyer or an accountant you will need to disclose any misconduct allegations you received to the Legal Services Board of Victoria or the Institute of Chartered Accountants? Other professional bodies or employers might also request this information. 
La Trobe University has a lot of information and resources to help you understand Academic Integrity including:

Academic Integrity and Online Assessments 

Covid 19 has impacted the way students will take their assessments this year. Academic Integrity continues to be essential, even when studying and taking online exams from home. The same rules apply, no matter how or where you are taking your assessments. 
Even if the resources are available to you, you should never under any circumstances copy written work without referencing properly. 

Remember, if you do face technical difficulties when taking an online exam, it is important to take a screen shot of the error or internet issue as soon as it happens. This will support any claims you have for Special Consideration in future. 

If you are having difficulties and are not sure what to do you can contact the Advocacy service at 

It is also really important that you take care of your mental health during this time. If you are ever feeling overwhelmed or stressed you can contact the University Counselling service. The counselling service has appointments available by phone or Zoom.
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