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Know Your Housing Rights

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Know Your Housing Rights



To secure safe, affordable and well maintained private and university accommodation for La Trobe students attending La Trobe’s Bundoora campus.


Housing is a human right, and everyone deserves to feel safe and empowered at home. However, many students experience challenges and discrimination in renting. Renting is difficult and confusing and can impact on the university and learning experience. Whether living in a private rental, a share house or on university residence, there are many processes to navigate.

Rental law can also be really complicated and help as is often needed from working through tenancy agreements, dealing with property managers or housemates, to getting a maintenance request sorted.

In Victoria, unlike a private rental, students in university accommodation are not covered by the Rental Tenancies Act. This reduces the legal protections in place. Additionally, students must qualify for on residence accommodation. If a student gets excluded from the university for misconduct, they can find themselves being evicted from your accommodation too. This could be with only 48 hours’ notice.

La Trobe Student Union advocacy team are here to help.

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