Looking for a free feed? The LTSU has your back!

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Hungry on campus but wanting to save some ca$h?
Look no further friends! The LTSU has you covered!


If you're in the library on levels 1 or 2 on a Monday at 6pm
The Chill out Trolley will be making the rounds to help you keep studying!
Heaps of awesome snacks and all for FREE!



The LTSU FREE BBQ happens EVERY TUESDAY in the Agora from 12 noon!
With vegan, vegetarian and halal options available there is something for EVERYONE!


Each Wednesday from 9am the LTSU serves up a FREE BREAKFAST
for La Trobe Students!
We've got CEREAL - TOAST - FRUIT - DRINKS (both hot and cold)!



The start of Semester 2 is in the dark depths of Winter, so every
Monday from 5pm the LTSU will be serving up delicious, nutritous
and FREE soup out the front of the Library!

Chase the winter blues away with yummo soup!

Free Soup Mondays happen only during Semester 2 (when it's ❄️❄️freezing❄️❄️).