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LTSU’s governing bodies are comprised of student representatives who are elected by the student body through an annual election process. Elections are conducted in the second semester of each year and are held in accordance with LTSU Regulations.

The 2021 La Trobe Student Union Election has concluded


The results of the 2021 La Trobe Student Union election are below with counting sheets.  

The will referendum to amend the LTSU Constitution will conclude at 2.00 pm Friday 22 October.

Please ensure that if you have any questions you get in touch ahead of time. Scanned and appended signatures will be accepted, however please contact the Returning Officer if you are have any queries.



Link to 2021 La Trobe Student Union election and link to 2021 La Trobe Student Union election counting sheets updated on 14.10.2021  

Link to Notice of Nominations and Withdrawals Received updated on 11.10.2021

Link to Notice of Referendum  updated on 01.10.2021

Link to Notice of Election updated on 29.09.2021

Link to Election Timeline

Link to Notice of Ticket Registration Received updated on 24.09.2021


Link to Nomination Form

Link to Ticket Registration Form

Link to Position Sharing Agreement

Link to Application to be set out as a ticket


Link to LTSU Election Policy 2021


Gavin Ryan

Returning Officer
The 2020 La Trobe Student Union election period has ended.

View the 2020 Election Results Here.   |   View the 2020 Election Report Here.

2020 Returning Officer

Gavin Ryan

0403 336 829

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