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Club Resources

This page has everything you need when it comes to running your club. Whether you need information on how to plan and run an event, how to prepare your club's future leaders to take over or even just how you can get in touch with the LTSU's Clubs & Societies Officer, you will find it all here.

See also: Affiliation, FAQs, Grants, Start a New Club.


More info:

General club resources

Clubs and Societies council

Important club dates for each year

Managing your grants, funding and budget

Running events

Graphic design

Free club training

Club committee skills

Official club email address

LTSU Awards and Scholarships

The LTSU Clubs and Societies Officer

Resources for Club Executives

This page has a everything you need to know when it comes to running your club. Each of the menus below focus on different parts of running a club.

  • Club Maintenance

    Skills Executives Need, Club Handover

  • Club Events & Activities

    Planning/Running Events, Managing Risk

  • Club Administration

    Managing grant budgets, Info about Clubs Council, Important Dates

  • Benefits/Perks

    INfo about what people can get out of the whole thing

It is important that you know as much of this as possible, so please make sure you have gone through each section carefully.

Club Maintenance

Club Events & Activities

Club Administration

Club Perks!