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How do grants work?

If a club wants to access their annual budget they will need to apply for it through the grant system. Grants of $400 or less will be approved week to week, but grants of $401 or more will need to be approved by Clubs & Societies Council, which meets about once a month during Semester.

Approved grants are processed from 12pm every Wednesday, any grant received after this will be processed the following week.

Once grants have been processed the LTSU’s Finance Team will pay the funds into the club’s bank account every Thursday. Due to possible bank transfer delays, the funds will be available by the following Monday at the latest.

See also: Affiliation, Resources, FAQs, Start a New Club.


Requirements for each grant category

There are different categories of grants to cover different purchases that a club might make. Each of these different categories has it's own necessary criteria that needs to be completed for the grant to be succesfully applied for as per the Clubs & Societies Regulations

What each grant is used for as well as what is required for it to be approved are listed below. If you are unsure about which grant to apply for get in contact with the Clubs Officer

Temporary changes due to Covid19

Due to both University and State restirctions on group activities all club events are now taking place online! This means that some of the requirements outlined in the section below may no longer be required by the LTSU

With that in mind if you are wanting to submit a grant but can't satisfy all the requirements listed here - contact the Clubs Officer and they will assist you to make the grant happen

As we get more of an idea of what will work in an entirley online world this page will be updated to reflect that 😊

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Extra information about grants and budgets:


Who can apply for club grants?

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Advertising on your club's LTSU page.

Itemised Receipts


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