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What is Review and Re-mark?

Did your assignment or exam receive a mark much lower than you were expecting? Have you received an assignment back and the mark doesn't match with the marking criteria or the marks are added up incorrectly?
If you answered YES to either of these scenarios and the assessment is:

  • Coursework based
  • AND worth 20% or more of the final result for that subject
  • AND physically able to be reviewed and remarked (e.g. not a placement);

then you may consider requesting a review and re-mark of the assessment. It is important that you follow the procedures as described in the La Trobe University Review and Re-Mark of Student's Academic Work Procedures document.


We recommend that when requesting a review and remark of an assessment you try to:

  • Meet the deadlines as indicated in the La Trobe University Review and Re-Mark of Student's Academic Work Procedure
  • Send your first request VIA EMAIL to the marker or subject coordinator (if the marker is unavailable) within 10 working days of the publication of results. We suggest you do this via email so there is a record of you initiating a meeting. 
  • Book an appointment to see an LTSU Advocate - we can help you at every step of the process.




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