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La Trobe Student Union has launched its Advocacy Service; so if you need help or support with issues that impact your Uni journey, get in touch with us!

We’re free, independent of the Uni and available at all campuses.

Because we're independent of the Uni, we're not able to access your records or results. If there's anything you want us to know or see, you need to send it to us directly so we can help!

What can we help with?

Some of the things we can help you with are:

  • Academic Progress
  • Special Consideration
  • Review & re-marking of Assessments
  • Academic Integrity & General Misconduct
  • Refunds & Remission of Debt
  • Enrolment & Administration Issues
  • Disability & Learning Access
  • Placement Issues
  • Appeals

If you have an upcoming meeting or hearing with the Uni that you would like support for, get in touch as early as possible with all the details so we can best help you get the outcome you want!

To register for the service, please complete the form by clicking the green 'Get Support' button above.

You can also email us on or call us on (03) 9479 2469 to register and make an appointment.


What is an Advocate?

An Advocate is a support person allocated to you to empower you to work with the Uni to find a solution.

Advocates will:

  • Listen to you
  • Not judge you
  • Be respectful
  • Always maintain privacy & confidentiality
  • Inform you of your rights & responsibilities
  • Explain the Uni's rules & processes


Get Advocacy Support     .Meet the Team     .Other Support Services