Rabelais Editor

Lewis Kimpton-Drake & Callum Burkitt

Chief Editors

Lewis Kimpton-Drake

I’m excited to return as a Chief Editor for Rabelais in 2022! I cannot wait to work with students and stakeholders to continue improving La Trobe’s student media outlet. Building on from Rabelais’ work this year, we aim to broaden our reach and expand the mediums and platforms we utilise; providing students with alternative means to let their voices be heard. We have a lot of work to do, and many new projects in the works, so keep an eye out for Rabelais in 2022!

Callum Burkitt

I look forward to working with CHANGE next year as a co-editor of Rabelais. I believe every university should have a quality and engaging student paper, and next year I plan to ensure Rabelais continues to embody this for La Trobe students. My goal will be to drastically increase awareness of Rabelais among the student cohort, as well as participation among writers and readers alike.