Queer Officer

Stephanie Santos & Fatma Turac

Stephanie Santos


Hello, my name is Stephanie Santos, a Portuguese from a small town of Aveiro near Porto, your Queer Officer. My role is to help anyone who needs assistance and or seeking to make changes in the university to make our students life better. My current personal goal is to live a healthier life, whereas my long-life goal is to always learn new knowledge and skills. I believe that student’s life should be made simpler and easier in the classroom. My achievements were mostly accomplishment of those small goals that I had set for myself and receiving the academic awards. My favourite hobbies are hitting the gym, travelling, photography and going out.


Fatma Turac


Hi! My name is Fatma and I am on my First Year doing a Bachelor of Arts at the Bundoora Campus. As your new Queer Officer, I plan on revitalising the LTSU Queer Department. Having a mother that studied at La Trobe throughout my childhood, I have a long history of roaming at the Bundoora Campus. Seeing La Trobe has evolved over time, I’m eager to see where we can take it to the next level in the future!