Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds SALE

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Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds SALE

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These are the earbuds you listen to your sick tunes with so you can walk around looking super fly and nodding along with the song and then you start to dance and then other people also start dancing with you and it's a big musical number and suddenly you're flying and then you're dancing on the moon with all your friends and then you come back to earth and everyone else does as well and you all laugh and go back to your regular Tuesday tasks.

  • $10.00
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Get your Wireless Bluetooth Earphones with Charging Case for the astronomically low price of $10!

The specs: 
Earphone is built with high sensitivity microphone, enabling you to talk handsfree. 
Listen to music with various audio players through Bluetooth connection. 
Blue tooth version 4.2. 
Operation range up to 10 metres. 
Plug into docking station to charge batteries. 

Please note that all merchandise will be delivered once stage four restrictions have eased, and it is deemed safe for staff to return to campus to complete postage.
This may be some weeks, so please consider this before purchase. Postage will be charged at $9 per total orders nearest kg.