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The slick, charming and devilishly pro-sustainability "LTSU" branded drink bottle is now available for individual sale! Just $10 for LTSU Members and $13 for future members 😎

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LTSU branded drink bottles are now available for individual sale my lords, and you know what that means!
That's right! You can buy a drink bottle and put liquid in it and then have a drink (of the liquid that you put in it) from the bottle. Amazing, I know!

One LTSU drinky-bot will cost you $10 if you're an LTSU member or $13 if you're not!

The hard data tells me that the majority of you are going to be putting a bunch (by which I mean a whole bunch, like heaps) of 2 hydrogen atoms + 1 oxygen atoms which have been squished together into your bottle, and that's fine. In fact it's optimal!

But in case you were curious about what other liquids you could put in your LTSU branded drink bottle, or just about liquids in general here is a great link where you can find out more info!