Strange Times

Hi everyone,

I'm Annabelle the LTSU 2020 President. After an amazing start to the year and few weeks of semester 1 things have definitely taken an odd turn. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is not something anyone anticipated and has subsequently changed all our lives in every way imaginable. Here at the LTSU, we've taken it seriously as are most people and have transitioned to working online and from home. Technology has enabled us to do amazing things, working from home is one of them and we're extremely lucky to do so. It makes working accessible especially with things like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Hangs, which is definitely a big tick. Our advocacy services, financial and legal councelling are still up and running and are taking phone and online appointments. How great is that! 

From the student reps, I can say confidently on their behalf we've been working around the clock to make sure you're still be represented and heard. We've also made the jump to chuck everything online, this includes our amazing themed weeks. Obviously they'll be a little different but we're hoping they'll be amazing and enjoyable all the same. So far, we've secured a few amazing outcomes for students during this rough times these include:

  • Scraping SSAF payments for this semester,

  • Parking permit refunds;

  • Changing census date to April 15th,

  • Creating a LTSU bursary fund for students affected by COVID-19.

I can tell everyone now, this definitely is not how I envisioned 2020 to go but I'm seeing the silver lining here. I'm taking this as an opportunity to learn to engage with my team in an online environment and see what works best for us as a team. So far, so good!

I've been staying at home for about 2 weeks now and sometimes it's been really hard to feel motivated to work, get changed out of pjs or even get out of bed. I'd encourage everyone to dig deep and find the courage to break that cycle. If it means making your bed that morning, putting on shoes, doing hair and makeup or even going outside to get some fresh air, definitely give it a go. It's worked for me when I've been in slumps these past couple of weeks. Look out for posts on the LTSU pages for activities we'll be doing during social distancing, maybe you'll see a playlist or two pop up. 

I'm always here to chat to anybody who'd like to! My email is

Stay safe everyone!