Post-Graduate Officer

Arun Shunmuga

Arun Shunmuga


Good day! My name is Arun and I am the Postgraduate Officer for LTSU, being one of the executives and representing the whole International Student community at the executive level has been nothing less than a dream.


It has been an amazing run so far in this year personally and for the postgraduate department we have been able to do real game changers for the students. The PG department had partnership with number of organisations that brought great services for the students like Innovation and entrepreneurship we were the official partner promoting their events throughout the year and we are still in business with them, we have promoted around 15-20 events / seminars / webinars until now. They covered almost all streams of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. They have also had industrial experts and speakers session for different streams of work and it is an absolute honour to work with that team.


PG department also have a paid sponsor from a company called Migration Nation services, they are one of the paid sponsor who has been working with us since the start of the year and they have been marketing their services through us. We were able to provide free counseling session to more than 50 students free of cost which actually costs around 100$ if we take the service outside. It has been a pleasure working with such a fantastic team.

The biggest victory that I would consider so far was getting internships for postgraduate students, the PG department worked with two companies.

  •  Xugar Digital marketing
  •  Phone smart Pty Ltd

We successfully run an internship recruitment drive for both the companies and were able to provide internship for close to about 7 Students. This is what I consider as the real achievement by the postgraduate department, this has never happened in the past years.

All these would have not been possible without the support of my executive team, administration team and officer bearers who has been a pillar of support towards the emphatic and the one of the most successful run LTSU has ever had.


These doesn't end with this team, the legacy will continue with CHANGE and you would be seeing nothing but improvement in the coming years