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ST&F gives students the opportunity to direct, write, perform, crew and compose for stage and screen.

We provide support to students who may wish to mount their own theatre or film projects and can offer the use of rehearsal space, performance venues, lighting and film making equipment, as well as general advice and support about performing arts on campus. Student Theatre and Film is a great way to gain skills, knowledge, and experience and connect with those who share your passion for theatre and film. Regional Students - we haven't forgotten about you as there are great opportunities for you to also be involved in film making, photography and script writing.

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You don’t need any experience, just enthusiasm and a desire for fun! There are many ways to become involved, whether your interest is in theatre, film or music. There are many opportunities for actors, directors, musicians, stage managers, costume and set designers, producers, writers, reviewers, photographers, front of house volunteers and the list goes on. The best ways to get involved are:

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  • Visit the ST&F office at Lvl 2, Union Building, above the Eagle Bar.

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The Crossing Borders project

This year, 7 Aussie students and our Artistic Director travelled to Bandung, Indonesia to devise, rehearse and perform with 7 Indonesian students and director. The show - entitled Light Within The Night - then came to Melbourne for a performance season at La Trobe University and a sell out season at La Mama Theatre. We've subsequently put together Crossing Borders - a documentary of this rather ambitious cross-cultural collaboration with Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia through Main Teater. This initiative was supported by the La Trobe 50 Years grant scheme.
Check out the full documentary below!