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Applications and supporting documents must be in no later than 5 business days after assessment / exam / test / assignment was due or scheduled.

What if I can't get my supporting documents in time?

  • If getting the supporting documentation is holding you up, don’t delay submitting your application!\
  • Submit without the documents and request an extension to supply the supporting documents.
  • State in the online application that you are requesting an extension of time to provide supporting documents and explain why you don’t have them yet (i.e. I can’t get an appointment with my GP until next week)
  • Write on the application how long you think you will need to get the documents.

Did you know?

  • The website says you can have an extension of 5 business days to get relevant documents, BUT the Special Consideration team can grant a longer period if you explain the need clearly.
  • If you have a LAP, you may not need to lodge a special consideration application.

The LTSU Advocacy Service can help you through this process!

Didn’t get the Special Consideration you feel you’re entitled to?
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