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Must be made within 12 months of withdrawal of subject, or 12 months from end of the ‘study period’ if you haven’t withdrawn from the course. The ‘study period’ finishes at the end of the teaching period of each semester. 

In summary, you can apply for remission of debt if you:

  • Withdrew from a course or subject after the census date, due to special circumstances or;
  • Have been prevented from completing or withdrawing due to special circumstances.

Special circumstances include medical, personal and family circumstances. The procedure sets out some examples.

You will need to provide supporting documents to evidence your circumstances. Evidence can include a letter from psychologist or counsellor, hospital admission or discharge summary, a medical statement (the Uni suggests La Trobe Medical Impact Statement.) If you are unable to supply documents from an independent source you can complete a Statutory declaration, though it is better to have the independent evidence. 

The procedure says University must remit when you can demonstrate the circumstances:

  • were beyond your control (i.e.: not due to your action or inaction and for which you are not responsible);
  • had their full impact after census date; and
  • made it impracticable to complete the requirements for the unit in the period (e.g. you couldn’t meet compulsory attendance requirements, completed the work or sit the required exams)

 They want you to submit a statement of special circumstances. This is where we include the supporting documentation. Any documentation must include:

  • What the circumstances were
  • When they happened (i.e. relevant dates)
  • How long they lasted for
  • Level of impact on your capacity to complete the subject or withdraw from the subject by the census date.

The documents are submitted via an online form which we can complete once we are happy with the statement and the evidence.

Remission of debt application - La Trobe University - Online Form.

The University will give you a decision within 28 days of receiving the application.  If the decision is not in your favour, you can request a review of decision within 28 days of receiving that decision.  If the outcome of review is not in your favour as well, you have a right to appeal to the AAT.

The professional statements you obtain should also cover similar content about what/when/how long/level of impact on you in terms of your studies. If you don’t think the Medical Impact Statement is suitable then your doctor can add additional information by annexure or write a letter of support instead.