LTSU - Having an Academic Integrity Issue?

Having an Academic Integrity Issue?

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Have you been called to an Academic Integrity meeting/hearing? Feeling anxious and not sure what to do? The LTSU Advocacy service has your back! Contact us if you’d like support:

We’re free, confidential, independent of the uni and importantly, designed for and by students!

As soon as you are notified about an Academic Integrity meeting or Academic Misconduct hearing, CONTACT US and we can provide you with advice and support!

Things to know about Academic Integrity Sessions:

  • The focus should be to support you to learn from mistakes not to punish you!
  • All information and evidence must be available to you before the session
  • You have 20 business days after the decision to appeal, so if you’re not happy – contact us! (The AI.. Statute stipulates 10 days however, to bring this ins line with Commonwealth processes for international students, 20 days is now allowed for domestic and international students).

During the Academic Integrity Process...

You Can:

  • Share your side of the story in the session and in writing before
  • Have a support person like an LTSU Advocate present
  • Request a disability support worker or interpreter attend the session

Our Advice Is:

  1. Stick to the facts when you explain your perspective and take responsibility for your actions if you made a mistake
  2. Work out what you think would be a fair outcome before the session (e.g. resubmit, take a grade reduction, have the matter dismissed)
  3. Talk to us before your session so you can be well prepared!

Reach out to us at - the earlier the better!