LTSU - Issue with Academic Progress (UPC) Stage 1, 2 or 3?

Issue with Academic Progress (UPC) Stage 1, 2 or 3?

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As soon as you are notified about being in an Academic Progress Stage, CONTACT US and we can provide you with advice and support!

For Stage 1 or 2:

* You should be told why you are in this stage and what supports the university will supply
* You should be informed about what happens from here
* “Agreed Progression Plans” are created for students in Stage 2

If you disagree with being classified as Stage 1 or 2, or need help understanding the process, contact us!

For Stage 3 - “Show Cause” meetings:

*The focus should be to support you to improve results and continue your studies
* You can object to being in Stage 3 or the conditions put on your enrolment
* You have only 10 days after the notification to book your Show Cause meeting and fill in the “UPC Form”
* You can appeal a Show Cause decision or go straight to appeal
* You need to fill in this form BEFORE your Show Cause meeting: Unsatisfactory Progress Committee (UPC) show cause meeting and form information

During the show cause or appeal process, you can:

* Share your side of the story in the session and in writing before
* Have a support person like an LTSU Advocate present
* Request a disability support worker or interpreter attend the session

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