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LTSU Award Winners

Congratulations to all nominees and winners of the 2018 LTSU Awards. Your contribution to student life this year has been incredible.

Leadership Award - $1000 prize to a student who has displayed exceptional leadership and significant contribution to student life, services, and activities at La Trobe.
Steven Tony Le
Alex Vollebergh
Stephanie Papadopoulos
Teagan Giggins
Bakhtiar Alam
Kristen Settinelli
Calire Kearns
Ashley Remminga
Sai Raj Bolla - Highly Commended
Ersi Terolli - WINNER

Postgraduate Leadership Award - $800 to a current La Trobe University Postgraduate student who has displayed exceptional leadership and greatly contributed to Postgraduate student life.
Jose Jairo Villarreal Diaz
Ella Johnston
Baktiar Alam
Shashinika Malshani Perera
Sanket Joglekar - Highly Commended
Mohsin Khawaja - WINNER

International Student Award - $800 prize to a current international student who has displayed exceptional leadership and greatly contributed to student life, services, and activities at La Trobe.
Sai Raj Bolla
Julia Meza Hernandez
Quoc Hung Ly
Rupsi Sharma
Robert Neumann
Mohsin Khawaja
Jyot Singh Bindra
Sanket Joglekar
Shashinika Malshani Perera
Bakhtiar Alam - Highly Commended
Jose Jairo Villarreal Diaz - WINNER

Clubs Event of The Year - $1000 club grant for an amazing and engaging club run event.
Dumbledore's Army for Wand-Making Workshop
Indian Students Club for Indian Independence Day Celebrations
Pakistan Students Association for Pakistan Independence Day Celebrations
La Trobe University Noble Anime Society (Lunasy) for Maid and Butler Café
La Trobe Islamic Society for Grand Iftar Dinner - Highly Commended
Physics Society La Trobe for 2018 AIP Student Careers Night - WINNER

Faculty Society of the Year Award - $1000 club grant for an outstanding academic/discipline based student society.
AgriBio Students Society
Criminology Students Society
La Trobe Clinical Audiology Student Association - Highly Commended
La Trobe Commerce Students' Association
PAM HDR Student Society
Prosthetic Orthotic Student Society (POSS) - WINNER

Club of the Year - $1000 club grant to an outstanding club that has significantly contributed to student life at La Trobe.
La Trobe University Greek Society (LUGS)
Indian Students Club
Asian Pop Culture Appreciation Society (APCAS)
La Trobe University Islamic Society
Pakistan Student Association (PSA)
Cinema Club
La Trobe Vietnamese Association
The Humanitarian Society - Highly Commended
Two Birds, One Scone - WINNER

Student Theatre and Film Workshop Award - $500 prize for a La Trobe student to participate in a creative arts/theatre workshop or course. This year the judges chose 2 x winners, each receiving a $500 grant.
Daniel Hutchings
Cole McKenna
Thomas Cattle
Emily Mae Jones
Lakshmi Ganapathy - WINNER
Alyssa Trombino - WINNER

Geoffrey Milne La Trobe Student Theatre and Film Writing Grant - $1000 prize to support a student to write a full length play for production by STF in 2019.
Juliana Dodds
Daniel Hutchings
Helen Krionas - WINNER

LTSU Teaching Award - to recognise an academic who has shown exceptional dedication to the student learning experience.
Sibin Mathew
Mohsin Khawaja
Dr Roland Burke
Mr Eshan Arya - WINNER

LTSU Research Supervisor Award - aims to recognise an individual academic or team of academics who have shown exceptional dedication to the student learning experience for research students in the role of supervisor/s.
Dr Ishaq Bhatti
Dr Guinever Threlkeld
Dr Roland Burke - WINNER