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2 May 2023

La Trobe Student Union Students demand equal tenancy rights

La Trobe Student Union (LTSU) launches its Know Your Rights Campaign today (02/05/2023) with the key goal of securing the same rights for students in university provided accommodation as any other tenant in Victoria.

1 Feb 2023

University students answer call for the Indigenous voice

University students answer call for the Indigenous voice, The Australian

15 Nov 2022

Understand your housing rights!

How LTSU is helping students understand their HOUSING RIGHTS

7 Nov 2022

How the pandemic sucked the life out of uni campus culture

La Trobe University Student Union was featured in The Age.. read on to find out more.

3 Oct 2022

Advocacy Ambassadors

Are you passionate about student issues at La Trobe? Looking for some valuable work experience to help you post uni life? Want to help other students and improve La Trobe for all? Come and join our "Advocacy Ambassador" program!

28 Sep 2022

Issue with Academic Progress (UPC) Stage 1, 2 or 3?

Issue with Academic Progress Stage 1, 2 or 3? We've got your back, read on!

8 Aug 2022

Need Help Applying for Remission of Debt?

Applications for Remission of Debt must be made within 12 months of withdrawal from a subject, or 12 months from the end of the 'study period' if you haven't withdrawn from the course.

21 Jun 2022

Need Help With Special Consideration?

Special consideration applications and supporting documents must be in no later than 5 business days after assessment / exam / test / assignment was due or scheduled.

10 Jun 2022

Having an Academic Integrity Issue?

Read on, we've got your back! Have you been called to an Academic Integrity meeting/hearing? Feeling anxious and not sure what to do? Contact us if you’d like support.

28 Apr 2022

Introducing the Advocacy Service!

The newly appointed advocacy team have been working with your student council to rebuild the Advocacy Service to better meet the needs of students at La Trobe. We work with students across all campuses on a wide range of issues and of course we are FREE and INDEPENDENT!

28 Mar 2022

NSSS Results - LTSU Statement

LTSU's Statement on the National Student Safety Survey Results.

23 Mar 2022

National Student Safety Results Released

This afternoon, results for the National Student Safety Survey have been released by Universities Australia.

24 Feb 2022

LTSU Response to lectures being moved to online

In the decision for lectures to remain online, the University has once again disregarded the importance of adequately consulting students. We deserve better. We are owed a better explanation, one that isn’t convoluted and confusing.

18 Feb 2022

LTSU's 2021 President's Address

Jake McGuinness Outgoing President's Address for 2021

7 Sep 2021

LTSU Wins Parking Permit Refunds!

After a week of campaigning, La Trobe University have agreed to our proposal for Parking Permit Refunds.