General Secretary

General Secretary

2017 LTSU Council Meeting Minutes

Hi everyone! 
The LTSU's Student Council has been hard at work. Check out the approved meeting minutes from all of our 2017 meetings below. I'll keep adding to them as new meeting minutes are approved! 

Feel free to get in contact with me if you have any questions! 
Cheers Michael

Introduction/Meet your Gensec

Hi my name is Michael and i am the 2017 General Secretary, 

This year we have some great servies that we are continuing like our Chill Out Trolley run by the Education Team, the weekly BBQS and Breakfasts, We also have a great volunteer program for students to be able to get involved with the unions services, Capaigms and Events here is the links to the pages on how to get involved:

We have many new clubs and societyies that have affliliated this year which adds to the rich culture and vibrance of the University. We will be brining back the project pool this year for clubs to host big events like balls, parties or trips etc.

I will be posting Council minutes from our Student Union Council on this Page:

I will also be posting campaigns to come when they kick off here aswell:

If any Club or Society or any student needs to contact me :

My Email is or