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LTSU Weekly Wednesday Market

A La Trobe tradition!
The Wednesday Market operates every Wednesday during Semester (and some weeks outside of semester).
Open 9am - 2pm weekly at the Eastern Lecture Theratre.

Express your interest in holding an ongoing or casual stall in 2019 by filling out this form.

Note: Filling out this application does not guarantee an immediate place. We will contact you when a place becomes available. We have a waiting list that can be altered if there is a need for your type of stall. A variety of different stalls is the aim of a good market.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI):

 All attending market stall holders must show proof of having public liability insurance to the value of $5,000,000. La Trobe Students are exempt and are covered by the University’s policy.

Please attach proof of study (eg/ a photo of your student card)

Rates payable to the Market Coordinator weekly in cash

By clicking this box I confirm that the above information is correct and complete, and agree with the terms & conditions below.
I agree to advise the Market Co-ordinator of any changes to this information.

Emergency Procedures

It is required that you read the La Trobe University Emergency Procedures BEFORE entering the campus. If there are ANY emergencies you should contact Campus Security immediately on 9479 2222.


Terms and Conditions

1. All external stall holders must follow instructions or demands of Security, OH&S Staff, or LTSU staff.

2. All external stall holders must provide proof of public liability insurance up to the value of $5,000,000.00 (five million dollars). Student stallholders are exempt from this as they are covered by the University insurance policy.

3. Behaviour which is deemed as sexist, racist, homophobic, militaristic or offensive in any manner will not be tolerated. Any breach of this will result in the offender’s removal from campus. Likewise, any behaviour that can be regarded as bullying, harassment or defamatory against any individual or group will result in the offender’s removal from campus and suspension of the offender’s stall space.

4. No vehicles are permitted on the market site. All equipment, products and everything required to trade must be taken by trolley into the market site from the designated loading dock. Stallholders must unload all equipment and remove vehicles as quickly as possible from the loading dock. Vehicles are subject to fines if left unattended for an unreasonable amount of time in the loading dock.

5. Noise – music must not be audible from outside your own stall area. LTSU and University staff (e.g. OH&S staff) are permitted to ask vendors to reduce the volume of their music and this request must be complied with.

6. Stallholders may operate within their allocated stall site only and must not block any pathways or exit areas. If asked to relocate it is expected that vendors will comply with the request immediately. The use of walk ways between stall sites and vacant stall sites for the placing or storage of goods is not permitted. No produce or other materials (such as signs) may be placed on the ground in front of stalls.

7. Stallholders do not ‘own’ sites nor do they obtain any right, title or interest in a particular site. LTSU reserves the right to move individual stalls as required. Stallholders must comply with the directions of the Market Facilitator. Failure to do so will result in eviction form the market.

8. Allocation of market stalls and location of stall space is at the discretion of the Market Facilitator only. All reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate individual requests within these guidelines. LTSU shall not be held responsible for any related business competitors attending the same market.

9. Markets will be held during semester only including exam periods. There will be no markets held during University holidays. Stallholders will be provided with a list of applicable dates every 6 months. Stallholders who attend on a non-market day will be evicted by LTU security.

10. Animals are not permitted in the market other than guide/service dogs.

11. As the market will now be held outdoors in all weather conditions, it is expected that stallholders provide their own equipment for protection from the elements. It is the stall holder’s responsibility to secure marquees and umbrellas. Marquees and umbrellas must be weighed down with suitable weights at all times to prevent them 3 falling/blowing over. Tents pegs must not be used. LTSU accepts no responsibility for any damage or subsequent injury incurred by this equipment.

12. Stalls will be offered in 2 sizes only: Regular - 3m x 3m: $15 per week (casual) Regular – 3m x 3m $150 per semester Large -3m x 6m: $250 per semester

13. Stall spaces can be hired for the period of one semester or on a casual (week by week) basis. Semester hire must be paid for in full before the first market is held. Approved semester applications will guarantee the stall holder an allocated space for the duration of the semester, providing the market terms of use are adhered to.

14. Stall spaces are limited and there is no guarantee that all casual bookings will be filled. La Trobe University students will be given priority for casual spaces.

15. Casual applications are to be made by 12pm on the Tuesday prior to the market - Stall spaces will be allocated on the Wednesday prior to the market.

16. Casual stall spaces are allocated on a week by week basis. Multiple week bookings will not be taken for casual spaces.

17. A fee for the full cost of the stall will be incurred in the event of non-attendance at a booked casual stall.


These regulations have been designed by the LTSU to ensure that all stallholders enjoy a safe and pleasant market environment. Please remember that these regulations will be strictly enforced to provide stallholders, staff and students with the best market experience possible.

For more information on these guidelines please do not hesitate to contact LTSU Reception on 9479 2314 or Sai Raj Bolla (Events Assistant & Market Coordinator) 9479 1737.

Approval of external bookings is at the discretion of the LTSU Operations Coordinator and LTSU Market Coordinator. Those that have had a market stall in the past are not guaranteed a stall.