2019 Library O-week Tours & Starter Classes

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O-Week Tours & Starter Classes for 2019 !!!!

So you've signed up to be a Library Vollie and help out all those newbies that have a look of "where am I" on their faces. Well thank goodness there is YOU!!!

The Library is looking for Vollies to help out with Tours & Starter Classes during O-Week 2019.

The Library will run some training sessions prior to orientation so you will be ready to rock for O-Week. (you will be sent the deets)

Fill out the form below to register you interest and indicate your preference for either "Tours" or "Starter Classes"

You will be emailed the sign up sheet to select your preferred SHIFT & TIME once your registration has been confirmed.

Places are limited so be quick. 

This will also be a great opportunity for you to meet the Library Staff and other  students.