Clubs and Societies grants

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Apply for funding on behalf of your affiliated (or soon to be affiliated) club or faculty society by filling out the form below.

For assistance please call the Clubs Officer on 9479 3752 or contact

Event or Function = All expenses relating to activities, functions or events on or off campus. Eg: Dinner in the city, snacks for a club meeting, prizes for a raffle at an event.

Publicity Materials = For the purchase of any item that publicises your club. Eg: Club banner/sign, uniforms (not bought through our T-shirt provider)

Equipment purchase or hire = To purchase items that the club will keep to use again, or for the hire of an item. Eg: Musical instrument purchase, camera hire.

Camp or Day-trip = Camps or getaways off-campus, day trips. Eg: Summer camp, orientation camp, executive retreats.

Coaching, teaching or conference attendance = Attendance at conferences or for coaching. Eg. Attending a conference relevant to your club in Sydney or training relevant to your club.

Photocopy / Print Card = A card worth $25 distributed once a semester and re-charged on request. Eg: Printing posters for an upcoming ball.

Special/Other = For any other grant not listed above! EMAIL

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