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TLC Multipurpose Room 114


Please be aware that there is an AGM HAPPENING on the 7th March, from 6-7.30pm, in the Learning Commons, Room 114. This is NOT the itty-bitty one that we have had before; this is the one where the first Information Session for Semester 2's O-Week took place.

Please understand, that we DO REQUIRE at least 10 LTU Students/staff to be present for everything to be discussed to count! We attempted an AGM in November, before we headed off to Japan to learn more stuff and to gain more information and techniques to pass on to you all.

I know, I know - Meetings, politics.. It's all a drag! BUT - and here is the best bit... So far, we have got this Club up and running, AND Affiliated with the Australian Kyudo Association - that is a HUGE DEAL! And we did it together! Please respond and advise whether you can attend or not, and let's make 2018 a MASSIVE and POSITIVE Year!

Some of the stuff we had hoped to discuss might seem obsolete, however, everything else is still important, and in order to continue to succeed as a Club, we need to do this together.

Stuff to be discussed will include (but not be limited to):

*Continuation of Club's Success into 2018
*Japan in April 2018 - Kyudo Seminar and Shinsa for the Instruction team
*Various Grading Opportunities
*Possible seminar with Sensei from Japan
*Opportunity to nominate for council - including delegate on LTUKC Behalf during Clubs and Societies Meetings through the year
*Uniforms and acquiring
*Suggestions for events for 2018
*O-Week Semester 1, including Sports and Clubs Festival 2018