LTUKC AGM for 2018 - TAKE TWO!

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TLC 114

LTUKC AGM for 2018 - TAKE TWO!

Just a brief AGM (hopefully) to ensure we have full 2018 Affiliation with the LTSU, as recommended by the Clubs Officer, Greg.

Things to be discussed will include:

*Continuation of Club's Success into 2018
*Japan in April 2018 - Kyudo Seminar and Shinsa
*Various Grading Opportunities
*Possible seminar with Sensei from Japan
*Opportunity to nominate for council - including delegate on LTUKC Behalf during Clubs and Societies Meetings through the year
*Suggestions for events for 2018

I know you might think it's a drag, but honestly, without the formality of the LTSU, some of the things we would want to achieve, and have achieved so far, may not have been able to happen.

The LTSU requires that ALL Clubs and Societies holding AGMs have a MINIMUM of 10 LTU Students who are club members to attend, otherwise the attempt of an AGM becomes null and void. What this basically means is that the whole event without the minimum numbers required becomes a waste of everyone's time.The emails sent through from the LTUKC email address required a confirmation of attendance for this VERY REASON.

The AGM has been adjourned until the 14/1/2018. Please attend that - there was a fair bit to go through - including Uniforms, and planning for the next year, including ideas for fundraising. Let's make this club work, you guys!