2017 Trendall Lecture

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State Library of Victoria - Seminar Room 1 (La Trobe St entrance)

2017 Trendall Lecture

1766 and All That! Winckelmann and the Study of Greek Vases - Professor Amy Smith (University of Reading, UK)

When Johann Joachim Winckelmann, an 18th-century Prussian scholar, and his successors yearned for what was lost of ancient Greece, they yearned not only for lost artistic masterpieces but also for a lost way of life. Like many others, Winckelmann was drawn to Rome in search of these lost arts & culture, for its sculptures, inscriptions, papyri, coins & gems, yet hardly anyone batted an eyelash at Greek vases. Professor Smith will take us back to this exciting period of neoclassicism and reveal just how much Winckelmann and the wider academic circles in Florence and Naples knew about Greek vases and explore their effect on the history of scholarship.

Professor Amy C. Smith, Professor of Classical Archaeology at the University of Reading, where she is also Curator of the Ure Museum of Classical Archaeology, earned her PhD at Yale University. She is an expert in ancient Greek art, especially vase painting, the iconography of gender, religion and politics; the history and use of museum collections; and digital humanities. She has written Polis & Personification and many articles, co-authored catalogues of antiquities in the Ure Museum, and co-edited The Gods of Small Things and Brill’s Companion to Aphrodite.

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