LTUKC Endo of Year Dinner

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Oshokuji Dokoro Fujitei, 17 Wellington Street, St Kilda

LTUKC Endo of Year Dinner

Hi everyone -

It is THAT time again, and even though we will have another week afterwards for the last training session for 2017 (Gordon-Sensei, Marty and myself will be in Japan learning more about Kyudo, so that we can bring that knowledge and experience ready for 2018), we are looking at holding our first major group dinner function at a dear friend's restaurant.

Feel free to browse on their online menu, and for those who are vegetarian, there are options available, of course You'll find out more details on their website below..

Feel free to ask Jordan, myself, Marty or even Hugh, about their experiences - it has recently changed the name - it used to be called Wabi Sabi Garden.

Please RSVP by 5th November so that we can make a confirmed booking. There is public transport available, and we can carpool/collect on the way if need be.

See you all at training in the meantime - and I will be adding this event to our LTUKC Private Group page as well!