Speakeasy: MASO's Annual Murder Mystery

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MASO Lounge, Level 1, Union Hall, La Trobe University

Speakeasy: MASO's Annual Murder Mystery

Come on a whirlwind adventure to a time when liquor was prohibited and promiscuous activity was hidden behind secret doors. Put on your best prohibition fancy dress, don those gangster hats and cigars and join us. Prepare to be blown away by MASO's big budget annual event.

Entry strictly through the secret door of Miss Dora's Dress Shop, ID must be shown - no squealers.

A little party never killed nobody, or did it?

September 7th, 2017.
Liquor, refreshments and snacks.
Fancy dress mandatory.

$10.00 for LTSU members.
$15.00 for non-members.

Tickets on sale August 1st with character packs.
Character places are strictly limited, non-character tickets are available.*
* You can make your own persona, distract all the competitors and try to WIN, but will have not plot points within the event script.

The story:
Anybody who is anybody is here at MASO's Speakeasy tonight. Al and the band are desperately belting out their jazziest tunes, Lola and the girls are singing and dancing like their lives depended on it, and Tony the barman is handing out Stan's Specials like there's no tomorrow.

Which there won't be for poor Scabface Martins. He was one of Fat Stan's (the owner of the MASO Speakeasy) pals, and a very popular guy down at the Speakeasy. A masked hoodlum burst into the room during the interval after Lola's big number, and the poor sap was peppered with so many bullets he looked like a swiss cheese.

The only way in or out of the Speakeasy is through the secret door from Dora's Dress Shop, and the doorkeeper swears that nobody has come through that door in either direction for over an hour. So it figures it musta been someone in the Speakeasy that plugged Scabface, and even worse: they're still in here now!

Officer Pilkington is one of the regulars, so everyone's waiting for him to work out who dunnit. Too bad he's as dumb as a sack of bricks. The only thing he's managed to do right so far is to lock the exit and search the back rooms for hidden hoodlums. He found nobody.

Fat Stan, the owner of the Speakeasy, is determined that everything should carry on like there ain't no problems: so the remains of poor Scabface have been put in the Janitor's cupboard and, after a quick cleanup by Pickles the cleaner, the show is carrying on with fevered intensity. But who coulda wanted Scabface dead? Which one of the crooks, bums and no-hopers that make up the Speakeasy's staff and guests is the filthy lowlife that plugged him? And do they plan to strike again?