Introduction to Sampling and Statistics for Archaeologists

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TLC 213

Introduction to Sampling and Statistics for Archaeologists

This workshop aims to give the students an appreciation for the importance of good data collection and descriptive statistics, with an emphasis on what can go wrong and the limitations of different types of statistical methods. The second hour will go through worked examples of a number of different interpretive statistical methods by way of introduction. This will include examples of correlation, regression, probability, student's t -test and chi squared.

This workshop is being taught by Dr. Phil Roberts. Dr. Roberts has been working as a professional archaeologist since 2007. Prior to a career change into archaeology Dr. Roberts worked as an engineer in the mining and construction industries. He has a Master of Arts degree in Archaeology and a PhD in Biological Anthropology; his PhD being a historical epidemiological study of disease change in gold rush and post gold rush Victoria. Dr. Roberts has a developing publication record in the fields spanning from historical epidemiology to palaeo-environmental research.

This workshop is open to all paid members of the La Trobe Archaeological Society (all year levels, 1st year through to PhD). Sign up will be avaliable on the day ($5 LTSU members, $10 General members).

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