Ethnocultural Officer

Meredith He & Priyanshu Tomar

Meredith He

Hello Everyone! I am Meredith He from Shanghai, China is your 2021 Ethnocultural Officer at LTSU. My personal brand statement is to always find ways to adapt when it is required or to interfere with when I could. I have always been on the forefront to advocate for all International Students to get out of their study routines and to participate in amazing activities organised by the university and to collide and discover their own potentials, opportunities and gradually change from the “student” perspective.


Changes that I would like to make while at LTSU is to ensure that every International Students' voice is heard by the University, to encourage International Students to integrate with Australian cultures and values, oppose any discriminations and prejudice and to support cultura diversity.


My achievements and accomplishments with LTSU are continuous distribution of Epidemic Prevention brochures to students, conducting surveys of international students to understand their needs, providing consulting services of varieties for International Students, promoting La Trobe language subjects, hosting online Cultural Festivals, and managing the department's social media channels: Facebook at


My professional goal is to pursue a master’s degree from a different field and to build my desired career pathway in Consulting as a Management Consultant or as a Bond Trader. I always believe that it is important to maintain a good work-life balance. Likewise, my personal goal is to travel around the globe to all the countries that I haven’t visited.


Apart from this, I spend my leisure time playing badminton, climbing, swimming, tabletop game such as murder mystery games and the Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, cooking, watching movies and reality shows.


Priyanshu Tomar

Hi Everyone! Its Priyanshu Tomar here, your Ethnocultural Officer at LTSU. I am from India and currently studying Bachelor of Computer Science, part-time Musician and a Cricketer.


Since in the First Semester, I am enthusiastically involved in various clubs including the Indian Student's Club. In the Second Year, I founded the Bollywood Club and directed several events and programs for the club. Being part of these clubs, I had also volunteered for the International Student's Association (ISA), LTSU’s Student Theatre and Film, and other programs run by the university, including International and LTU Hosts Programs.


I have always worked enthusiastically for the International Students through various International Student clubs and associations. Being an international student myself, I am aware of all the issues International Students are facing in their academic, work and personal lives. “I AM the VOICE for all the International Student on campus and will make sure that their voice is heard.