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Saudis association club vision:

The Saudi Association in Melbourne is a non-profit organization was established on March 2008 to embrace all Saudi students in the universities within the state of Victoria. It is affiliated with La Trobe University and works under the supervision of the Saudi Arabian Embassy and Cultural Mission.
The association has many Saudi Students' Societies located at all Victorian universities. It has also a wide range of activities, such as workshops, lectures, and sport competitions. The association aims to ease and enrich students' living and study experiences through conducting, but not limited to, the following:

Reception of the new students; helping them to overcome home sickness and facilitate their integration into Australian society.
Organizing social and sport activities for the students and their families.
Organizing cultural and scientific activities and competitions.
Organizing Saudi Arabian national events.
Strengthening the relationship between the students and their universities by encouraging them to participate in the non-academic activities.
Providing learning assistance to the English language students.
Help in solving students' academic social problems.
Provide complementary schooling for students' children.

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