La Trobe Litterbusters

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Help keep La Trobe beautiful and clean! Join the La Trobe Litterbusters!

About us:
La Trobe litter busters are a group of students and staff that gather once a month in an effort to pick up as much litter around campus as possible. We meet up on the second Friday of each month and separate into groups that tackle litter in different areas of the campus for only 15 minutes. Litter is too easily ignored and too difficult for any one individual to battle on their own. That is why we provide an outlet for anyones frustration about litter and allow for real positive change on our beautiful campus.

Who we are:
We are the volunteer custodians of the university. We are lovers of nature and haters of pollution. We are united in our fight against litter and here to change how we look at garbage on campus and in the world. ​

Our history:
We started in April 2016 and look forward to holding litter clean-up days every month to maintain a positive and caring culture on campus.

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