Merry Festivities and the Changing of the Guard

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Gabbriel Suckling

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Merry Festivities and the Changing of the Guard

Hello everyone, and a Merry Festive season upon us all.

Just letting you know that the LTU Kyudo General Meeting will be held one week prior to going back to Uni's O-Week festivities in February, so that we can have our affiliation documents ready for the academic year. One of the major reshufflings we will be doing will be the changing of the Executive Committee and elections of the next committee. Nomimations are open, so please step forward if you believe you have what is takes to form part of the leadership committee.

There are two major key requirements for the Executive Committee to be aware of:

1) LTSU Membership IS required by everyone on the Executive Committee
2) Executive Committee members are strongly encouraged to be a part of the Australian Kyudo Association (please contact myself or any othe current committee members for more information at:

We do require as many of the club's members to be on location for the AGM, to ensure all votes are recognised and received, as well as being able to meet our minimum quota for the meeting to be valid (otherwise we have to try again. There will be roles up for grabs, including President (I am stepping down after 3 consecutive years), Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer (thank you Joseph for your contribution since the Kyudo Club began). There will be 2 new major roles being formed: First Aid Officer - you WILL need a current First Aid qualification to be able to hold this role - and Events Organiser.

If you feel you have the right stuff, please email through your application to the exec team, and they will be shared, as an introduction before voting begins during the meeting.