LaTrobe Kyudo is OPEN for TRAINING again!

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Gabbriel Suckling

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LaTrobe Kyudo is OPEN for TRAINING again!

Hi everyone!

Guess what! Now that the Easter Break, Japanese Kyudo trip for seminars and Grading attempts and the Beginners' Course (for this semester, anyway) are done and dusted for a while, we are back in the Dance Studio, in the Indoor Sports Centre, each Sunday morning from 10:15am! This week, the more experienced students were able to begin their experiences for TaiHai - the formation used within dojos to fire the arrows down range. Next week, we are hoping to have some photos to upload of what can be expected for the more advanced students. Beginners are always welcome, as we still continue to work on fundamentals like footwork, posture and breathing during class!

Also on for next week is the Japanese Festival in Box Hill. You are all welcome to attend with us - as there will be limited carpooling to and fro the event, straight after training.

Hope to see you guys next week!