Week 1 of our Beginners' Course

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Gabbriel Suckling

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Week 1 of our Beginners' Course

Hi everyone, and thank you for attending our first training session last Sunday - I'm hoping you all had fun! Judging by the smiles on everyone's faces during the 'compulsory' end session photo, it looks like we did! I know I did! It was a coincidence that we had our very first session during Mid Year Open Day; believe me, it was furthest from my mind when we were discussing dates and so on, but we did have a few people pop their heads in, and maybe this week we may have a few more attending!

Just a note for those who haven't yet handed in their forms for the Beginners' course temporary AKA (Australian Kyudo Association) Memberships, you WILL need to bring them with you on Sunday!

Look forward to seeing you all again!