LTU Kyudo Annual General Meeting for 2019

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The Learning Commons Room 114

LTU Kyudo Annual General Meeting for 2019

Hi guys,

We are back up and running after the Christmas and New Year's break! Please be aware, as part of our affiliation for 2019, we are, of course, obliged to hold our Annual General Meeting. Things will include any nominations and elections to update our current executive committee role. Don't forget, we need to have our quorum of a minimum of 10 attendees, and at least 66%of those attending NEED to be LTU Students.

Some of the things on the agenda to discuss will include: The option of running extra sessions during the week, with availability depending on the LTU Indoor Sports center Fitness and group studio, fundraising ideas and how to action them throughout the year.

If you want to have your voice heard on how we can improve the club, increase the interest of this ancient Japanese Martial Art, or even how to help by running some of the fundraising ideas, please don't hesitate to email the club on:

If we have your deets in our database, or you want them updated, shoot us an email, and we will update. In the Meantime, PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for more info as the date comes up!

Hi all, please be aware of the CHANGE OF DATE! Due to a lack of numbers responding, we have rescheduled for March 4th, same time, same location.