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First Known Kyudo Club in an Australian University

Welcome to the FIRST KNOWN Australian University Based Kyudo Club!

As both a student at LaTrobe, and in Kyudo, I would like to welcome our members to the path leading to their own Kyudo journeys. We are hoping to be able to provide a space for Kyudo-jin - beginners and more experienced alike - to train and grow; especially for our international exchange students from Japan, Taiwan and other countries where Kyudo has been an established Martial Art. The Club is open to faculty members as well as students at the university, because a person can NEVER be too old to begin Kyudo!

Information and Welcome Sessions will be held during O-Week for Semester 1, 2021. Kyudo is still considered to be very new in Australia, and as such, there are very limited places to train. We are proud to announce that, not only are we the first known Kyudo Club within an Australian University, but we are formally recognised and affiliated with Australia's own Kyudo Association! Our long-term goal is to increase the practice and education about Kyudo, and to eventually be able to safely demonstrate this art-form during events like O-Week, Japanese festivals and and other cultural events at La Trobe!

The link to the Australian Kyudo Association:
The link to the Victorian Kyudo Association:
The link to LTUKC FaceBook Group/Page:

We train weekly in the Field House - located within the Indoor Sports Centre, just across from Carpark 6 - from 4-6pm, every Sunday from March to early December, except public Holidays (like Easter), and every 3rd Sunday we will run a 3hr session, to cover range shooting as well as regular training - please check the La Trobe University Kyudo Club group page on FaceBook for regular updates and session times. Our next Beginner's course will kick off in March 2021, and we look forward greeting new members and other fellow practitioners of this graceful and gentle Art! We also run occasional social and fundraising events through the year, supporting ourselves and the community as we go.

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