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The Commerce Students’ Association** (CSA) is the official faculty based student association which aims to further the interests of all students part of the La Trobe College of Commerce, specifically the School of Business and their respective Department of Accounting, Department of Management and Marketing, and the Department of Economics and Finance.

The Commerce Students' Association core objectives and aims are:

  1. To expose students to the professional industry and place them in good stead when seeking employment.

  2. To link students to the workplace through various events and provide them with the opportunity to network, create their personal brand and build a competitive advantage.

  3. To liaise with the School of Business and their departments to ensure the needs of the students are being met.

  4. To provide students with a number of opportunities to mingle with their peers, as we understand the significance of the social aspect of university.

** The Commerce Students' Association was previously known as the Business Students' Association. They have changed their entity name due to the changes at La Trobe University.

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Harbour Kitchen

Join T.H.E Society and the Commerce Students' Association for a night of decadence, high fashion and glamorous dancing at the first annual Business School Cocktail Soiree!

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