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Vision Generation (VGen), youth division of World Vision Australia, aims to develop well round and socially responsible individuals.

Vgen wishes to spreading social awareness of current social (child and maternal health, human trafficking, work condition laws), as well as developing members to have a voice in our community. We aid our members to develop interpersonal skills through training as well as contact with experts from the VGen and World vision community. Skills developed through being a member of Vgen La Trobe will not only allow members to skilfully voice campaigns of Vgen but also assist in different domains of their lives.

Upcoming campaigns include:
- Free to campaign- Advocacy for all children to have the right to being able to be safe, health, have education and develop
- Advocacy and political engagement around Ausaid, in relation to national budgetary contributions to national and international aid, meeting with local MP with the hope to effect change
- Fair trade easter- campaign toward supermarket and distributor for providing fair trade chocolates especially during the easter period
- Generalised fair trade awareness and the promotion of ethical consumerism
- 40 hour famine (40th anniversary)- awareness of famine and poverty within the global community

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