City Campus

Ayush Mishra

Hello Everyone,

I am Ayush Mishra, your LTSU City Campus Officer. Currently, I am working as a Business Analyst at KeyNinja. My personal brand statement is “true success is all about working towards meaningful goals and dreams”. My personal goal is to learn something new every week, whereas my professional goal is to boost my networking. During my leisure time, I love to read on political updates around the globe, researching on government policies, and going for my run. Some changes that I would you like to make while in LTSU is to assist students to access greater benefits offered by La Trobe and enable them to become as a part of the revolutionary change happening in the University. One of the proud accomplishments was acting as a support system to many students who stranded overseas by connecting them with the relevant authorities here, listening to their problems, and initiated a Mental Well-being Check for the City Campus students during the Melbourne lockdown. I also had raised concerns on the opening hours of the city campus facilities in which eventually got extended to 10pm that aided many lecturers and students to have one-to-one interactions after class in the campus.