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What is affiliation?

See also: Club resources, FAQs, Grants, Start a New Club.

Affiliation is the process of officially linking your club to LTSU.

This occurs every calendar year for every club and society, and can take several week.

Yearly affiliation must then be approved by the next Clubs and Societies council (these occur 8 times a year).

There are HUGE benefits to completing affiliation. Affiliation is compulsory if you would like your group to have LTSU funding, attend Clubs Festivals, have a page within our website, access free LTSU advertising, use resources and equipment for free, get free training opportunities and access one-on-one support from LTSU staff. 


More info:

Affiliation timeline

Step 1 - Create or update your clubs' website

Step 2 - Download the Affiliation Guide

Step 3 - Download the 12-page Affiliation Form

Step 4 - Plan and advertise your AGM

Step 5 - Hold your AGM

Step 6 - Complete the entire Affiliation Form

Step 7 - LTSU membership

Step 8 - Get an Endorsed Bank Statement

Step 9 - Fill out affiliation info online

Step 10 - Submit your Affiliation Form

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