2017 LTSU Membership

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2017 LTSU Membership

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Join us and enjoy our new LTSU Member Perks - get 100's of discounts on and off campus AND a GOLDEN TICKET, which gives you free entry to a major LTSU event.

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Research tells us that LTSU Members are the SMARTEST. PEOPLE. EVER.*

*yeah, no empirical evidence to support this claim but our gut feeling is that it's true... 

Join the LTSU and in addition to joining a vibrant community and supporting student life on campus you'll receive:

  • 1 x Golden Ticket (exchange for free entry to one major LTSU event in 2017)
  • Stacks of on-campus discounts for products sold at LTSU and elsewhere on campus
  • Heaps of local off-campus discounts at a growing list of businesses (food, entertainment, retail, health and more)
  • 100's of online discounts offered via Infinite Rewards (our partner organisation)

Get all the info on discounts and benefits on the LTSU Member Perks page.