Girl Asleep (2016) & The Lost Thing (2010) 50 Years of Film Festival

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Agora Big Screen

Girl Asleep (2016) & The Lost Thing (2010) 50 Years of Film Festival

Girl Asleep (M: 77 min)
This arthouse coming-of-age film follows the life of Greta (Bethany Whitmore) an Australian girl unwillingly beginning to experience the world as a teenager. Greta’s catapulted from her previous life as a friendless loser when her parents organise a surprise birthday party. There she discovers a strange new world where she can begin to find herself…. 2016: directed by Rosemary Myers

The Lost Thing
The Lost Thing is an Oscar winning short film dramatizing a popular Shaun Tan picture book. The film stars Shaun, a young boy in a future dystopian Melbourne. Shaun finds a strange creature on the beach; part crab, octopus, and machine. The film follows Shaun’s journey as he attempts to find the lost creature’s home in a world where everyone believes anything else is more important than Shaun’s quest. 2010: Shaun Tan & Andrew Ruhemann

What is the 50 Years of Film Festival?
Celebrate LTU's 50yrs of existance with 50years worth of classic Australian cinema.
☛ Free, every Wednesday night on the Agora BIG SCREEEN!
☛ Includes bean bags, free popcorn and some hot food
☛ BYO snuggle buddies and blanket/rugs to lounge on. (no chairs please unless you're keen to sit on the paved area)
☛ Festival Wednesday 15 March (Week 3) - Wednesday 26 April (Week 8 of classes)

15/03 - The Sapphires + Classic Hot Dogs
22/03 - Mad Max + Chinese dumplings, snacks and fried goodies (Ping's Cafe)
29/03 - Malcolm + Pizza (Veloci)
05/04 - Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert + Wraps & rolls (Caffeine Cafe)
12/04 - Moulin Rouge & Harvie Krumpet (OMG 2 films!?) + Baked good & dessert (Bread & Butta)
(Easter Break)
26/04 - Girl Asleep & The Lost Thing (OMG, you guys we're just spoiling you now!) + Pizza (Veloci)
Thanks to the team at 50yrs La Trobe and Career Ready for their support!

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