planetUNI is a collective of students from Planetshakers City Church. Our main aim on campus is to provide Students a safe environment to socialise and connect in. We also provide Students the opportunity to volunteer and get involved in the numerous events that we run on campus.

We run Drug and Alcohol free events, which are contrary to many of the current university activities on offer. We regularly invite DJs, artists; hold BBQs, movie nights and end of year balls to facilitate this. Apart from this, we also run community charity events that help the broader society in which we live. Students are welcome to be involved in any of these activities.

Apart from the social aspect, planetUNI also runs small mentoring groups that help junior students benefit from the experiences that our graduates have. These groups meet on a fortnightly basis and discuss a variety of issues, spiritual and practical.

planetUNI is an affiliated club across most major universities in Melbourne. Our mission is that YOU have the best university experience possible. Come Join Us.

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